July 1959 to July 2015

Stepped into our 57th Year and Continuing to Count

When beginning our journey 56 years ago in July 1959, little did one imagine that this would be a journey laden with experiences, obstacles and even fulfilling moments of all kinds and sorts that one would pass through. In fact, the truth of the matter is, that one didn’t even know how the future would shape for Trade Post, the monthly magazine we had so ambitiously launched in India. The watch industry in India was as good as totally non-existent then and one had to literally scout around to discover news about watches that one could write about. At the same time, India did have a clock making industry, which though not so big at the time, was still doing business, besides a number of local traders and importers who were importing watches from outside India and selling them throughout the country. But despite these impediments that one had to face in those early years, somehow we went around gathering news to report about different watch brands that were known or sold in India in those days. Albeit a tough road to traverse with news about the watch industry always playing hide-and-seek with us, we carried on this journey relentlessly, and managed to keep the magazine afloat, in spite of all these difficulties. And now that 56 years have passed by and we step into our 57th Year continuing to count, it has indeed been a journey worth the while. Looking back into this journey in time, we are grateful to the many friends we made along the way, who helped us shape Trade Post into what the magazine has become today. It is these friends, contacts, brands or whatever name one chooses to call them by, that made it possible for us to move on in time and make it a successful journey. Today, we are whole heartedly indebted to all those friends and contacts comprising both, the industry as well as the trade, who contributed in leading the magazine to reach a decent and presentable position. In all these years, it had always been our earnest desire to do whatever we could in our humble capacity to help the industry and trade grow in the country, and this we did to the best of our efforts and capability, without any self-interest. Whether it was advise needed by brands or help needed by first-time entrepreneurs to set up their own business in the field of watches and clocks, Trade Post was always there with them, not only to show them the way, but also to help them wherever and whenever such help was required. Of course, a lot of this ability to be able to guide such entrepreneurs correctly and place them in the right direction came through the many decades of experience in the industry that the magazine had gathered along its long journey, but it was also a direct result of the magazine being completely targeted at and devoted to moving horology on a growth trajectory, in India. Besides all this, the magazine also continued to evolve with the times and changed its outlook and reporting style as per the contemporary requirements. Today, we are proud to state, that Trade Post has not only earned itself a position of repute across the Indian Sub-continent, but has also crossed over the oceans, to be recognised as a magazine of considerable substance devoted to the watch & clock industry, in many of the watchmaking countries abroad such as Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France, Hong Kong, US, UAE etc. Widely read and referred to, its esteem has also grown, thanks to authentic and genuine reporting not only about brands and their latest creations, but also about events of interest held by brands across the world from time-to-time. The objective remains to continue to report about the industry and trade, as truthfully and correctly, as is genuinely possible. Hence, having begun its Fifty-seventh year, this July Twenty Fifteen, as humbly as it began its maiden voyage 56 years ago, Trade Post once again reiterates its firm resolve, to continue this adventurous journey into the future, with the same zeal, excitement and enthusiasm as in the past and thus also carry on serving the growth of horology in India.

Mihir Kharod